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HardiWrap Weather Barrier

HardieWrapTM has engineered their siding products specifically for our very interesting and ever-changing Minnesota climate. HardieWrapTM weather barrier is an innovative, higher performing weather barrier that is engineered for climate so you get the right wrap as your second line of defense no matter where your new siding project is located. HardieWrapTM weather barrier provides a balance of water resistance and breath-ability  allowing moisture (water vapor) from inside your building to escape so the area within the wall stays dry. This is true whether you are having Hardie board siding installed or vinyl siding, aluminum siding, stucco siding, or cedar siding. Hardie scientists have taken into consideration eight distinct variables to consider regarding the exterior of your home. The relevant factors for us are: (1)Temperature Range; (2)UV radiation; (3)Humidity; (4)Rainfall; (5)Snow; (6)Hail; and, (7) Topographical Features. (Thank goodness the eighth factor, (8)Hurricanes, does not apply to us.)


HardieWrap® Weather Barrier is a premium, non-woven, water-resistive barrier. It contains a unique MicroTechTM Coating that enables higher performance. The HardiWrap® Weather Barrier:

  • Provides a balance of water holdout and breath-ability
  • Holds superior air resistance to reduce energy loss in the home
  • Employs a thicker 11 mil sheet for exceptional tear resistance

Many weather barriers allow too much moisture vapor to pass through. They then break down sooner when bulk water is trapped against the surface for long periods of time. This premature failure will create excess siding costs years down the road. Other barriers do not offer wind resistance which leads to energy loss. HardieWrap prevents the brunt of the wind from penetrating into your home. Thus your living space is more comfortable and you save on energy costs. Lastly, many weather barriers tear during installation. A typical siding company will sub-contract all of their work. The installers are then incented to work as fast as they possibly can. They pull excessively on the weather barrier which creates tears around the fasteners. The tears allow bulk water to penetrate and enter the building envelope. HardieWrap’s thickness and unique coating lessens the chances of tears developing.

The complete HardieWrapTM weather barrier solution includes HardieWrapTM Weather Barrier, HardieWrapTM Flashing, HardieWrapTM Flex Flashing and HardieWrapTM Seam Tape.

HardieWrap Weather Barrier


Used in conjunction with Hardiewrap, a pressure equalized rainscreen system (PERS) emphasizes all of the good traits of the exterior air barrier /housewrap system. Using an arrangement of galvanized steel furring strips behind the siding coupled with venting at the top and bottom of the wall, PERS allows a wall to shed water and dry out far more quickly and efficiently than a typical wall. Allowing moisture to escape prevents the myriad of water-related problems found in the walls of most homes.

Rainscreen System


Building codes provide guidance to siding contractors for the projects they do. But many siding companies consider building code requirements as all they have to do. Here at Twin Cities Siding Professionals, we believe in doing the very best job for every customer, and that building codes represent the minimum level of performance expected.

Building science professionals highly recommend installing PERS in almost all applications. The quick exit of wind-driven rain and moisture vapor trying to exit the building envelope elongates the life of your home. It also greatly decreases the chance of mold buildup which is obviously better for your health. The best siding contractors use the best siding products because they care about how their jobs perform not just today but decades from now. That is why, as the preferred siding contractor in the Twin Cities, we offer only the best products installed by the most professional team.

That is why we have always exclusively installed James Hardie products. If you want the best products for your home installed by the best and most professional company in the Twin Cities, you have arrived at your destination.


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