Save Money with Energy Efficient Windows in Minneapolis and St. Paul

energysavingThe U.S. Department of Energy estimates that up to 30% of a building’s energy (for heating or cooling purposes) is lost through inefficient windows. That means that nearly one third of the money you are spending to heat or cool your home is money that should be put to better use. By installing new, energy efficient windows, Twin Cities Siding Professionals can help save you that money and add lasting beauty and value to your home while we’re at it.

The replacement windows we install are designed using revolutionary “Low-E” glass, insulated frames, and other advanced materials designed to reduce energy loss. The “Low-E” glass helps regulate the temperature in your home by limiting the amount of UV and infrared rays that penetrate through the window. This allows for your heating and cooling systems to work at a steady pace, instead of constantly turning off and on which requires more energy. The insulated frames reduce the amount of energy that escapes your home, again regulating the temperature and limiting the work that your heating and cooling systems need to do.

Thanks to the advanced materials that go into producing them, each window we install carries the NFRC label. This label is the industry benchmark for energy efficiency, and allows builders, contractors, and homeowners to compare replacement windows based on energy performance. Even if you work with a contractor that is not Twin Cities Siding Professionals, be sure to look for the NFRC label on their windows and doors, or you will not get the best value for your dollar.

To learn more about the energy saving benefits of replacement doors and windows for Minneapolis and St. Paul area homeowners, call Twin Cities Siding Professionals today!

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