What Makes Sunrise Windows the Best Minnesota Replacement Window?

Before choosing to add Sunrise Windows to the selection of replacement windows offered by Twin Cities Siding Professionals, we did our homework. We scoured the country to find a window manufacturer with the right combination of performance, beauty and value. Sunrise Windows met every one of our selection criteria.

Sunrise Windows do more than just look good. They are the most energy efficient, technologically advanced windows on the market. The manufacturer stands behind each and every window with a lifetime warranty. Years of experience and extensive research and development make Sunrise Windows your best choice for quality and performance. Here’s why.

Great Looks
Sunrise windows are available in many exciting colors and finishes, including woodgrain interior finishes. You can choose from exclusive decorator features like beveled glass for classic looks, V-groove etching with crisp, contemporary looks, or Georgian styling for an upscale, elegant appearance.

Superior Insulation
Given Minnesota’s challenging winter climate, we knew we needed a replacement window with the best insulating properties available. Constructed from energy efficient PVC, Sunrise Windows go even further, offering polyurethane foam-filled extrusions that provide higher R-values than other PVC windows for truly effective insulation.

Stronger, More Air Tight
Unlike mechanically fastened corners on typical windows, all Sunrise Windows feature fusion-welded frames and sashes that last longer and perform better. Fusion welding creates an impenetrable barrier that eliminates air and water infiltration and provides added strength where it is needed most.

The strongest and longest lasting windows on the market today are vinyl windows. Vinyl windows do not have the expansion and contraction problems that wood windows often have (which will leave gaps for heat to pass through). Sunrise Windows’ lifetime non-prorated warranty also helps to ensure that your new windows remain serviceable far into the future.

Low Maintenance
Scraping, painting and caulking are constant chores with older windows. Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free, inside and out, so they never need painting or staining. This saves you both time and money.

The Best Value

All the features of Sunrise Windows add up to a better long-term value for your home. For beauty, performance, durability and energy savings, nothing can top a Sunrise Window installed by Twin Cities Siding Professionals.