Our Approach Is The Reason We Are A Two-Time Winner Of The Prestigious Better Business Bureau Integrity Award.

Terry & Kristen Stamman

Every once in a while, you find a company that does everything right and is willing to stand up and proudly make real promises. Twin Cities Siding Professionals is that kind of company.

And we’ve got armfuls of awards, thousands of thrilled customers (please ask for our references), and outstanding warranties – in writing – to prove it.

Husband & Wife Team Decide “Good Enough” Is NOT Good Enough.

We’re Terry & Kristen Stamman and we launched Twin Cities Siding Professionals in 1995. We decided right from the start that average standards in home improvement were too low. Too many guys with a truck and a business card call themselves a contracting business and do the bare minimum – or even lousy – work and say “good enough.”

To that we say: No. Not Us. NOT EVER.

We are okay with losing jobs because we don’t install inferior products. We are okay with losing jobs because we don’t employ inferior workmen. We are okay with not underselling jobs just to beat the competition.  We are okay with losing jobs for those reasons. What we are not okay with is losing our integrity. That’s why we only use quality  products like James Hardie Siding. Marvin Windows. Boulder Creek Stone.

Here Is A Specific Point-by-Point Comparison:

Typical Contractor: Rushed “consultation” followed by a quick quote… and often high-pressure sales tactics thrown in to try to “close the sale.”

US: A relaxed, thorough conversation about your goals for your project, followed by a comprehensive inspection of the project area. We return later (at your convenience) to give you a detailed recommendation and a quote you can 100% rely on.

Typical Contractor: Most don’t put a lot of thought into what products they install and try to sell on price alone, even if it means flimsy products and low long-term value.

US: Every SINGLE product we carry has been thoroughly researched, and is a PROVEN best solution on the market. (See box to the right about James Hardie Siding for an example).

Typical Contractor: Corner cutting is justified if the homeowner won’t see it or they don’t think it will be a problem later. Underprice job to get the sale and then figure out how to cheapen the job to still make money on it. After all, time is money and if you need to rush to the next job…

US: Experienced, proven crews with a 67 point audit they use during your entire job. The job is constantly being inspected so every part is done right – not just the cosmetic finish. (And our crews know that if at any point something is done wrong, they will have to start over and do it right. Period. End of story).